Welcome to my personal Travel Journal site. I’m Nick Leloup, a 30 year old Londoner, currently living in Canada. Like much of my generation, I have an avid interest in exploring new places, and have been very fortunate to have seen a few, beyond the shores of England’s ancient coastline. But I don’t just seek out the next best deal on a lucrative beach break. I try to really understand a place and what makes it its own. I look to move with and experience its vascular flow and to head down less-trodden, bespoke routes, in order to really get to grips with the environment, the culture and the people – wherever the road ends up.

I also constantly look to pursue opportunities to push my own physical limits. Whilst fitness has always been a hobby, exhaustion has always been an ally and I don’t mind going there. At the bottom of that fathomless pit, you usually find results. You learn until you do. It’s this desire to set new boundaries and to continuously discover, which underpins my belief that if there is the option of taking an unfamiliar path, or of doing something not considered to be ‘mainstream’, then one shouldn’t really think twice.

First impressions are vital, always; and you don’t always get them right. I hope this site makes a striking and positive impact from initial viewing through to following my personal stories through my articles. My aim is to make them as entertaining and informative as possible. I won’t let you down but will never leave you hanging; I hope you’re able to find that balance suitably adequate to want to keep reading. Thank-you to all who do.