Welcome to my personal Travel and Life Journal site. I’m Nick, a Londoner, who after living in Canada for half a decade, is now residing back in my hometown. I possess an avid interest in exploring the unfamiliar, for all the enriching value it has to offer. Extrinsically, this relates to a love of travelling. Having been fortunate enough to have seen some of the world’s most wonderful locations, beyond the shores of England’s ancient coastline, I do so in an attempt to really understand what makes a place its own. I look to move with, and experience, its vascular flow in order to really embrace the environment, the culture and the people – wherever the road ends up.

The ‘unfamiliar’ is also an exploration from within. I aspire to pursue opportunities to discover my own physical capabilities, as whilst fitness has always been a hobby, and an outlet, exhaustion has always been an aid and I don’t mind going there. At the very bottom of that pit, when all has been spent, you usually find something novel. It’s this desire to set new boundaries, to assess and to discover, which underpins my belief that if there is the option of delving into the unfamiliar, where there is reward to be found and risk to be justified, then a goldmine may await.

First impressions are vital and you don’t always get them right. I hope this site makes a striking and positive impact from initial viewing to following a personal journey of exploration through my articles. I always aim to entertain, enlighten and inform; I will not let you down but will never leave you hanging. I hope you’re able to find that balance suitably adequate to want to keep reading. Thank-you to all who do.