Welcome to my story. I’m Nick, a 27 year old Londoner, who in 2016, headed westward down Piccadilly and ended up living in the Canadian peaks. I’m also, by happenstantial privilege, part of a select club…

We are incredibly fortunate to live at a time when travel and exploration are only some clicks and a credit card away. Together with virtual boundless access to the internet, there is an unlimited wealth of resources at hand to better understand the world. Yet being able experience it up front, to watch the “live production” being filmed on location, provides an experience that cannot be replicated. I’m blessed to have seen a few places beyond the shores of England’s ancient coastline. Even more so because since the age of seven and my first memorable flight, I’ve had a fascination for the unfamiliar, the foreign and the unexplored.

But I don’t just look for the best deal on Expedia. I try to really understand a place and what makes it its own, by taking a hybrid approach to exploration. Whilst tasting the raw elements of an environment, the culture and its people, and taking opportunities to push my physical limits, you begin to experience an holistic integration; you become part of and move with its vascular flow. Whilst fitness has always been a hobby, exhaustion has always been a friend and I don’t mind going there. At the bottom of that fathomless pit, you usually find results. It’s this longing to set new boundaries and to continuously discover, that underpins my belief that if there is the option of taking an unfamiliar path, or of choosing one not considered to be ‘mainstream’, or even perceived as ‘secure’, then one should take it. This is where you truly discover who you are and unleash a potential that has been covered up by the regimented pressures that modern society inflicts. I’ve been taught the hard way that this life is too short to not do so.

First impressions are vital, always, and you don’t always get them right. I hope this site makes a striking and positive impact from initial viewing through to following my personal stories through my articles. I aim to make them as entertaining and informative as possible. I won’t let you down but will never leave you hanging; I hope you’re able to find that balance suitably adequate to want to keep reading. Thank-you to all who do.